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Lyndale Drive:
(45 min.)


A beautiful path that follows the Red River. Enjoy this peaceful ride and rest at a bench in a parkland overlooking the water’s edge!



Whittier Park:
(45 min.)


This nature ride brings you though a parkland of a historical fort, baseball and soccer fields, and treed landscapes. The best part of this trail is the grassland and raised railway. Enjoy your time spent by the river!



Waterfront Drive:
(20 min.).


This route is what it’s called… “a path by the waterfront.” Pass by the Manitoba Goldeye’s Baseball Diamond, take a break at Stephen Juba Park on the river, or continue the trip to the Alexander Boat Docks!

*Lengthen this trip by combining it with the “Exchange District.” (+ 10 min.)



Exchange District:
(30 min.)


This business, entertaining, and shopping area established at the turn of the century is a fun historical area of downtown. Located just minutes from Stephen Juba Park on the river!



Legislative Building:

(25 min.)


Just a quick ride from the forks, see the vast building with it’s beautiful architecture, fountain, and sculptures. Don’t miss the Bear exhibit! Approach this site on a bike path next to the river or on a tree lined street.

*For longer routes continue to “Osborne and Coydon, Munson Park, Wellington Crescent, Assiniboine Park, and/or Wolseley” (see other maps for times)



and Corydon:

(45 min.)


Just call them the sidewalk shops. Here you will enjoy a mixture of patio restaurants, cafés, and eclectic shops!



Munson Park:
(45 min.)


Located between Wellington Crescent and Assiniboine River. Enjoy sitting on a park bench next to the water. What a relaxing place!

*Add this location to “Osborne and Corydon” (+ 15min), or stop for a rest here and continue on to “Wellington Crescent” (+ 45 min.)or “Assiniboine Park” (+ 2 hours).



Wellington Crescent:
(1 ½ hour)


If you love to look at BEAUTIFUL houses and nice landscaping come to this area! For a shorter ride turn around near the railroad track or take the pathway over the river and return to the Forks through “Wolseley” (1 ½ hours).

*Having too much fun? Add to this route and go to the “Assiniboine Park” (2 ½ hours).



Assiniboine Park
(2 ½ hours)







Leo Mol garden

Leo Mol garden


Leo Mol garden




This is a long ride leading to a BEAUTIFUL park!!! It is well worth the distance! Travel here to enjoy nature, sports, music, or the animals at the zoo. Cross the bridge to enjoy some coffee or ice cream! (2 ½ hours)



(1 ½ hours)


Take a ride through this quaint little neighbourhood. Enjoy riding under the tree lined streets, look at the character houses built in the early 1900’s, and relax near the river at Omand’s Park!